What is collective addresses and rahvaalgatus.ee?


If you feel like some things could be done better in Estonia, then don't just complain about the government amongst your friends, better come and help your country and give advice!
What law would need changing, what problems need a quick solution, how could the quality of life be better – you have a chance to have an impact on all this when you enter the website www.rahvaalagatus.ee

Through this platform you have the possibility to address the state collectively. The parliament's committees are obliged to discuss your proposals. By the way, two of such proposals have already become laws!

So - don’t just wait for things to change on their own, write down a proposal, invite others to join in in discussions, compose a petition, gather at least 1000 digital signatures and send it to the Parliament with just one click.

Don't be afraid that your message will be lost: the website makes it possible to track which committee will be discussing your proposal, what they thought of it and will it become a draft act.

Initiate a discussion on rahvaalagatus.ee and make life in Estonia even better!

The public initiative website is managed by the Estonian Cooperation Assembly and the Chancellery of the Riigikogu

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