What are the requirements?


A Collective Address is a proposal submitted to the Riigikogu as a community initiative that makes a suggestion for changing a present regulation or organising the society better. The implementation of the proposal has to be in the jurisdiction of the Riigikogu.

  • In order to submit your Address to the Riigikogu at least 1000 (digital) signatures need to be gathered.
  • The Address needs to include a proposal for how to change the existing regulation or organise the society better. An up to three page explanation should be added to the Address. It should explain why the present situation is not satisfactory and how the proposal would improve the situation.
  • An electronic list of people who signed the Address, that includes their full name and personal identification code needs to be added to the Address.
  • An Address with the same topic can be submitted once over two years.
  • The Address can be signed by a permanent resident of Estonia who it at least 16 years old. Permanent resident according to the present law is an Estonian citizen living in Estonia or a citizen of a country belonging to the European Union or the European Economic Community or Swiss Confederation who has the right to permanently live in Estonia or a foreigner living in Estonia who has a long term residence permit or a right for permanent residency.
  • Details of a contact person or persons should be marked on the Address.
  • The Address can be submitted to The Board of the Riigikgu electronically or on paper

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How does the process that follows the submission of the Address look like in the Riigikogu?

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